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Yellow Jackets

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Yellow jackets are easily recognized but are often confused with paper wasp. In south Texas, yellow jacket nest size may vary from a few inches to 6 ft or larger. Yellow jackets are primarily ground nester’s, but they also construct aerial nest. Nest may be found in gardens, flower beds, pastures, road side embankments and elsewhere. Aerial nest are typically in trees, voids of buildings and under eaves.

Because of their scavenging behavior, Yellow jackets are a menace around parks, camps and suburban sites where people leave open food and discard garbage. Yellow jacket workers forage to feed their larvae insects and spiders. They also gather nectar, honeydew and other carbohydrates, but they do not store honey as do bees. They emerge during the early spring and build small paper nest in which they lay eggs. After the eggs hatch, the queen feeds the larvae for about 18 to 20 days.


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